UNIOCEAN Shipping Lines Ltd.

Shipping Agents In Chittagong, Mongla & Payra Sea Ports. An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Marine survey and Investigation

Our service includes:

✓ Survey of hull and machinery damages.
✓ Follow-up and control of repairs.
✓ Assist to ship owners and underwriters in cases of salvage or rescue operations.
✓ Crisis management assistance.
✓ Pre-purchase and valuation condition surveys (on behalf of banks or prospective buyers).
✓ Pre-entry condition surveys and ship inspections on behalf of P&I Clubs and Hull Underwriters.
✓ Seaworthiness inspections.
✓ Surveys on behalf of Flag States.
✓ Hatch covers inspections (incl. ultrasonic testing by certified operators).
✓ On- and Off-hire surveys.
✓ Bunker surveys (incl. Singapore bunkering procedures).
✓ Draft surveys.
✓ Stability calculations.
✓ Hold cleanliness surveys and advice on cleaning methods.
✓ Stevedore damage surveys.
✓ Cargo superintendence.
✓ Cargo surveys (bulk, container, break bulk, project material, and general merchandise).
✓ Hatch surveys.
✓ Pre-loading surveys (bulk, container, break bulk, project material, general merchandise).
✓ Speed performance claim surveys.
✓ Fuel oil consumption claim surveys.
✓ Freight disputes/cargo measurement claims.
✓ Personal injury surveys.
✓ Investigation into cause of damage.
✓ Steel pre-loading surveys:
✓ Quality-, flatness- and thickness surveys (verification of contract specifications).
✓ Describing the rust condition (incl. as per American Rust Standard guide).
✓ shing and securing surveys (according to IMO advanced calculation method).
✓ Advice and assistance to Masters.